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Website Design

Launch a successful online version of your business on the internet with AR & Co. The A-Team will design a website that is not only functional and true to your brand’s style and tone, but that appeals to viewers with cutting-edge graphic design, attracts high traffic through search engine optimization (SEO), and reaches your market on their mobile devices through mobile-friendly design.

Website Refresh

Technology advances quickly. AR & Co can keep your website looking fresh with the latest tools, trends and relevant content. Infuse your site with new, “sticky” content that will garner more clicks and higher engagement levels through new videos, images, web pages, service and product descriptions, articles about your company, newsletters, press releases, columns, blogs, and more. An AR & Co. overhaul or periodic refresh is just what your website needs to convey a strong message to your customers and maintain high traffic and conversion rates in the long run.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A beautiful website is only valuable if it attracts large numbers of viewers in your target market and stands with the competition in Google search results. The A-Team can write, re-write or optimize your website to include strategic keywords specific to your winery, industry, product, and/or service, which serve as search engine ranking tools. AR & Co. SEO specialists think critically to infuse your pages with the plugs they need to keep you coming up on the first page of related search engine searches and out-perform your competition. Search Engine Optimization services make the most of your online presence, increasing your website visits via search engine rankings, paid online ads, Facebook, Twitter, and cleverly crafted words.

Mobile Websites

More than 50% of the population is now accessing all online information from mobile devices. If your website has not been adapted or designed for mobile application, you are putting at least half of your online business at risk. AR & Co. can get your website up to speed, creating mobile-friendly pages and site navigation that will keep customers swiping and online shopping from their tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Contact AR & Co. today to discuss your business’s website, online strategy, and internet marketing goals.